Isis: disco a disco por Aaron Turner

Mosquito Control (1998)
I’d shudder to hear the original again.

The Red Sea (1999)
It’s one of the darkest things we ever recorded in terms of atmosphere, production and composition.

Sawblade (1999)
Fortunately no one was ever injured by one of these.

Celestial (2000)
This album definitely displayed a more fully realized version of what we eventually became.

SGNL>05 (2001)
In my mind, they are part of the same whole.

Oceanic (2002)
I still feel like this may have been our greatest success.

Oceanic: Remixes & Reinterpretations (2004)
A very interesting exercise in letting go of control of our music .

Panopticon (2004)
I’m still kind of pissed off about that, actually.

In the Absence of Truth (2006)
This is the only album I feel a bit disappointed.

Isis + Aereogramme, In the Fishtank 14 (2006)
Good opportunity for an exchange of ideas and energy amongst friends.

Wavering Radiant (Ipecac, 2009)
We definitely stopped with our musical integrity and vision intact.

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