Kayo Dot à procura de reforços

A banda de “Choirs of the Eye” está à procura de um baterista já com o pensamento no próximo álbum via Hydra Head. Emigrem para Nova Iorque!!!

DRUMMERS: Ideally, you should be very versatile/be able to play a variety of styles. A jazz background is strongly, strongly recommended. (This new album has a more jazzy feel and no metal this time!)
KEYBOARD players: we’re looking for analog synth players that also play a woodwind instrument! You must own and be able to play both these instruments, please! We actually already have a keyboardist in mind but he lives out of state. We’re looking for someone who might want to fill in for him for local/east coast shows once in a while, etc.
You must live in the NYC area!
Interested parties can get in contact with the band via their myspace


  1. celtic

    Eu era gajo para aprender a tocar bateria e emigrar. Só para dar dois beijinhos à Mia -_-

  2. Pedro

    Se eles quiserem alguém para fazer barulho está aqui a pessoa certa.

  3. ::Andre::

    ninguém comentou o facto de “This new album has a more jazzy feel and no metal this time”…