Kim Gordon On Body/Head’s Coming Apart And Life After Sonic Youth

Few people seem to be having a busier year than Kim Gordon. In the wake of Sonic Youth’s much talked about demise (and the end of her marriage to bandmate Thurston Moore), Gordon has spent the better part of 2013 making all manner of art and music, not to mention touring around the world, dabbling in film work, and quietly working on her memoirs. She’s also been busy making what is shaping up to be some of the most compelling (and some might say, challenging) music of her entire career. Today Matador Records announced the release of Coming Apart, the proper full-length debut from Gordon’s new project, Body/Head. Formed as a duo with guitarist Bill Nace, Body/Head’s debut caps off what has been several years of refined experimentation between the two musicians — a kind of free-form guitar squall that, for Gordon, hearkens back to her more experimental no-wave roots. The record couldn’t come at a better time for Gordon who, having already seen both her private and professional life become a very public topic of discussion this year, seems more than ready to turn a page in her creative life. Having spent the better part of past 30 years of her life working within the confines of one of rock music’s most beloved bands, it sounds as if she is genuinely excited — and perhaps still a little perplexed — about what happens next.

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