Gisèle Vienne
Dennis Cooper / Stephen O’Malley / Peter Rehberg

International collaboration
Kindertotenlieder is a collaboration between the French performance artists Gisèle Vienne, the American novelist Dennis Cooper and KTL, consisting of the musicians Stephen O’Malley and Peter Rehberg alias Pita.

Piercing performance
Together with black-metal inspired music, the performance brings fantasies, danger and infatuation to life. Dancers, musicians and life-sized dolls share the stage in a dizzy and disturbing performance about the horrible result of being unable to distinguish between fantasy and reality.
Dark fantasies
In Kindertotenlieder Gisèle Vienne takes a closer look at the fantasies that are portrayed in old customs and folklore. Many old tales are about protecting good people from something evil and punishing the wayward. Gisèle Vienne takes up these traditions as examples of sometimes brutal fantasies that are realized, often with the help of masks or dress-up. But what happens when someone doesn’t realize that it’s a “performance” – but thinks it’s reality?

Brutal Norwegian black-metal
The performance is also influenced by the violent events in and around the Norwegian black-metal band Burzum and Mayhem in the 1990s. The turbulence surrounding these bands culminated in a murder and a series of church fires before Burzum’s lead singer Varg Vikernes was finally arrested and put in prison.

Peça visual e sonora, +- 1h15.
3 de Maio (sábado), Gijón
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