AMP001: Arthur Doyle – In Solo

These liner notes to the original issue of Noah Howard’s ‘The Black Ark’ may also perfectly define this new, incredible album by Arthur Doyle, this time ‘in solo’ for sax, flutes and voice.

AMP002: Arthur Doyle – Five Poems for the Swamp Ghost

Recorded at Soopa studio and featuring Arthur Doyle, Jonathan Saldanha, Gustavo Costa and Filipe Silva, this is a beautiful, wild cut, with Doyle’s touch feeling simultaneously deep, rough, and gentle.

AMP003: Process of Guilt – FÆMIN LP

Third album from these Portuguese sludge monsters! Having originated in the doom/death scene, the band has slowly evolved towards something way more personal and FÆMIN is here to prove that in such a manner that you’ll never forget it.

AMP004: Jorge Coelho – 3 Coisas de um Poema sobre a Vontade

The hypnotic simplicity of Jorge Coelho’s music in 3 Coisas de Um Poema Sobre a Vontade marks Amplificasom’s fourth release (and the first digital one).