AMP002: Arthur Doyle – Five Poems for the Swamp Ghost

Band: Arthur Doyle + Gustavo Costa + Jonathan Saldanha + Filipe Silva
Title: Five Poems for the Swamp Ghost
Year: 2012
Format: One side 12″ black vinyl limited to 150 copies
Price: 10€
Recorded at Soopa studio and featuring Arthur Doyle (sax, flutes and voice), Jonathan Saldanha, Gustavo Costa and Filipe Silva (assorted percussions, flutes and electronics), this is a beautiful, wild, cut, with Doyle’s touch being so deep, rough and gentle at the same time, while the rest of the band gives him plenty of room to spread out through minimal rythm patterns and a hypnotic work on bells and cymbals. Closing with an anthem that will give you shivers down your spine, this recording will bring you to an ancestral dimesion of mystery and joy.
Listen here.



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