Mais No Wave

Saiu recentemente mais um livro sobre este tema:

Flashing through the New York underground in the late 1970s, No Wave was the ultimate anti-movement. Its bands consisted of artists and poets untrained in music, looking to explode rock and disappear before the smoke cleared. The primary perpetrators – Lydia Lunch’s howling “Teenage Jesus and the Jerks”, James Chance’s skeletal Contortions, the dark-noise groups Mars and DNA – all drew on primitivism, performance art, and the avant-garde. They were best known for short songs and even shorter life-spans. “No Wave” traces the history of this influential genre from its most famous names down to its many offshoots and sidetracks. From early pioneers like Suicide and Glenn Branca, to forgotten treasures like Red Transistor and Bush Tetras, “No Wave” charts all the cracks and crevices of a surprisingly diverse movement. The book also delves into No Wave cinema, a vibrant underground scene where figures like Jim Jarmusch, Nick Zedd, and Steve Buscemi first cut their teeth. Illustrated with concert photos, record covers, and other ephemera of the times, and filled with quotes from those who were there, “No Wave” is the definitive guide to a genre whose sounds and ideas still vibrate through alternative culture today.



  1. Pedro

    Pois mais um foi logo o meu primeiro pensamento…. falta saber a relevância deste livro em relação aos que já foram editados sobre o mesmo assunto…

  2. ::Andre::

    de qualquer maneira parece interessante… vais comprar?

  3. Pedro

    para já não, tenho outros livros em lista de espera, mas quando o fizer empresto-te. ;)

  4. ::Andre::

    eu para já também tenho livros em fila de espera mas gostava de ler mais sobre história e business musical..