Michigan Basement part 6

Writing today after the long Thanksgiving weekend. On Wednesday night it all begins, we go out and get very drunk. Wednesday, Nov 23 is the most popular evening of the year for going out to the bar. I don’t know how this started, probably because everyone goes to their home town and commiserates with the bad elements who have stuck around waiting for this very night to gorge on revelry. People also seem to really struggle with being around their immediate family. Im sure we can all understand this. In any case, Wednesday night is a big night for drinking.

Thursday we eat a lot. In fact my friends, the average American consumes 3000 calories in this one meal. We sit around all day and watch football and eat and drink. This is supposed to be a day of giving thanks for all the things we have in our lives. What puzzles me is why just designate this single day for being thankful, and then gorge on food with a massive hangover. Then Friday we line up at 6am to make early purchases and lunch the season of consumerism that characterizes our holiday culture. We’re told by news authorities that if we spend enough we might just put a little bump in the economy.

I think we should be giving thanks every day for good music, good friends. I am thankful again for the folks who run this website, this organization, and the many other similar people around the globe who are constantly promoting the appreciation of music and putting on shows and crossing borders to widen this community.

And most of all, I am thankful for the bands. Most of all the bands I haven’t heard who play and practice every day. The bands who never get a break, or a record deal, or a good promotion, who fall into obscurity and never make the big splash. Here is one of those bands I discovered when i was sixteen through an older friend I often looked to for recommendations. These guys were from New York, made some wacky sample music but with some character.