Amplifesters, uma última vez. A décima edição do nosso fim de semana favorito do ano irá coincidir com o 18º aniversário da Amplificasom: 9 e 10 de novembro.Não conseguimos pensar numa forma melhor de celebrar esta viagem transformativa do qu

One last one, everyone. The 10th edition of our favourite weekend of the year will coincide with Amplificasom’s 18th birthday: November 9 + 10.We can’t think of a better way to celebrate this life-changing trip than putting on another for

Concertos, filmes, Amplitalks, exposições, bar de cerveja artesanal e momentos de partilha entre artistas e público. Como sempre, trabalhamos incansavelmente em nome da arte. A nossa página do Amplifest 2023 estará em constante atualização com

Concerts, films, Amplitalks, exhibitions, craft beer bar and moments of sharing between artists and audience. As always, we work tirelessly for the sake of art. Our Amplifest 2023 page will be updated on a regular basis with all the info you need to

🇬🇧 Amplifesters, Here we are. Another edition, another carefully chosen line-up with forward-thinking talent from all over the world that will soundtrack our favourite Porto weekend of the year. We promised something extra on the 22nd and there

🇬🇧 Surrounded by good friends, André will be part of a talk next April at the great INFERNO METAL FESTIVAL NORWAY – come and join us! + info: 🇵🇹 Se estiverem por Oslo, se estiverem pelo INFERNO METAL

🇬🇧 You won, we won! Amplifest is the Best Small Festival – OBRIGADO 🖤 Next monday March 20th at 11am WET we will announce Amplifest 2023 (dates, first name and tickets will be available), so come back here next week. Thanks again for v