No blog com… Costin Chioreanu

“I am doing art in service of metal since I was a kid, starting seriously in ’94, ’95…when I was just trying to improve my cassettes collection, which was, at that time, composed just by bootlegs. Was impossible back in those days, first days after communist era, to find something original here. So, I was doing this for myself, imitate the original covers of the records, sometimes even improve them with booklets and stuff…things that were just from my imagination…as I was praising music with all my heart and I was just had this need to see metal music praised. Now I am doing my original art for real, for my idols and also for living and I must say these 10 years (I started officially Twilight13media back in 2003) of extremely hardcore work were amazing, I am super happy to finally meet my idols and discover what is real and what is not …. and I am really looking for to the next 10! Besides these arts for clients I am growing as a illustrator making art exhibitions where I paint my life experience and every new exhibition is an update about my level of becoming as entity, not human. In rest, I am making music, from metal to movie soundtracks.

Um gajo lê isto, vê o poster de Godflesh e todo o seu trabalho até agora e… é preciso dizer mais? Apenas as perguntas do costume:

O que roda no teu leitor de cds/ mp3?
Tormentor – Recipe Ferrum

Último álbum que compraste?
The Haunted DVD

Último concerto?

Último filme que viste?

Livro na tua mesinha de cabeceira?
Norse Mythology