O Eugénio tem um novo livro

“Mixing equal parts Mickey Spillane and Quentin Tarantino, A Long Slow Screw, set during a week in the late 1970’s New York City is a mean streets meander through a jewel heist gone from bad to worse, as sometimes crook Jake Paternostra tries to make a buck the hard way: one bullet at a time.”


  1. amebix

    Excerto duma entrevista ao guitarrista:
    What bands, authors, etc. inspired you?
    I just listened to a song recorded in the 1950's by one of my favorite vocalists, Amalia
    Rodrigues (Amália Rodrigues), she was from portugal, sang most often in
    portuguese. she died in 1999. There are several moments in the recording where the
    musicians stop, wait, and she sings a short vocal flourish, completely heartfelt. one of
    these in particular gives me the chills every time, deeply so. I want to make records and
    performances that reach people like that moment reaches into me.

    Das melhores bandas do mundo.