O que se tem dito sobre o Death By Burning?

“I am War, I am Filth, I am Pain, I am Rage, I am Speed or better yet, this is how I feel when I listen to the new album by MANTAR entitled Death By Burning. Over ten tracks, this two piece band proves that they are nothing to fuck with and they are here to bring the pain!”

“Only two seemingly normal human men are responsible for the thicker-andheavier-than-a-whale-omelette-dusted-with-concrete tones on display on this wee platter… That, my fine feathered friends, is a fuck of a lot of muscle, and believe me, there isn’t one ounce of fat here – Mantar‘s sound is 100% grade A+ quality Germanic brawn!”
– TheSleepingShaman.com

“‘Death By Burning’ is a tremendous marriage of styles and feel, and it will crush you in it’s path. This album is incredible.”

“A punishing, monolithically heavy doom that could easily soundtrack the coming of the apocalypse!”
– Scratchthesurface webzine (7,8/10)

“The talented doom duo delivers dark melodies that devour the soul completely.”

“As much heaviness & darkness as you would get usually of a five-member band.”
– VISIONS (Soundcheck 6th place)

“The big deal.”

“…an intense and brutal journey into the deepest abyss…”
– METAL.DE (8/10)