Ouviram falar do que se passou com os Mayhem?

“Needless to say that I was not involved (and neither was Necrobutcher) so luckily I was not arrested. What happened AGAIN is that the 18 year old promoter disappeared with a 1000€ advance on his account, a couple of days before the first show of the tour. That is the problem with internet: anyone can act like a booking agent… He continually lied, saying it was all booked but we found out at the very end that we had no flights booked and nothing was managed except for promotion at the local clubs and sales of hundreds of tickets in advance. So we decided to book our own flights, local transportation and backline from our own efforts on the last day before the tour started, in order to play this small tour just to be loyal to the fans and to the local promoters (who were freaking out too, of course)… I think we were cool, but you can imagine the stress we were under. Then of course you can imagine that this tour was not the best of our lives, but we somehow managed to play good shows and make the best out of it and we survived somehow, swallowing a lot of crap. On the night after the last show, the guys got drunk and exploded in that really bad hotel, a hotel in which we didn’t even have toilets in the room. I saw part of it, and when I woke up it was a big mess. To me it looked both funny and sad at the same time… Actually, it was not only Mayhem involved, but some people from the local crew too, who worked for us on the tour as drivers. I agree it was stupid of course, but what could I do? I hope they all learned from a good lesson now. Maybe it makes a bit more sense after reading these lines…”


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