Pelican’s City of Echoes em Streaming

Aqui e pre-orders aqui. Faltam 8 dias para o concerto :-)


  1. Filipe

    Nao vais sair uma ediçao com dvd?É que no ebay anda por la uma.

  2. Crestfall

    filipe: Há, uma edição japonesa…

    For those of you who do not have the patience for waiting out the pre-order shipment, but DO have the patience and money for International mailorder and a penchant for collecting rare goodies, “City of Echoes” is currently available in a CD+DVD version in Japan from our friends at Daymare Recordings. Simply go to click on the “English” option under “Mail Order List” on the left, then click the “Daymare Recordings” link in the list of labels that pops up. The Japanese version contains a live 6-song DVD from a recent performance in LA that we have no plans to release anywhere else for the time being.

  3. ::Andre::

    Ah ah, nós já temos esse dvd…ou será que não é o mesmo?