It’s with an heavy heart that we inform you that Margaret has been forced into an hospital admission for emergency surgery. Here’s the official declaration:

Due to an emergency health issue, Pharmakon will not be able to play Amplifest. Both the promoter and the artist will aim to rearrange the show at the earliest possible opportunity.
Sacred Bones on behalf the artist

This is our first cancellation ever, but at this point all that matters is Margaret’s recovery.
We’re sending her some love from Amplifest, if you want to be part of it just write her a message in the little papers at the entrance of Sala 2. We promise you that it will be delivered. Also, save your ticket because when the right time comes, and if she comes on her own, Margaret will be here and we’ll make you a discount.
Regarding the line up, please understand that takes many months to curate an event as Amplifest and Portugal doesn’t help, geographically speaking, to find a decent replacement within a couple of days.
Having said this, Putan Club will no longer play Mercedes and they will close Amplifest 2013 with great style and attitude. Don’t miss it.
Thank you for understanding and ENJOY!