Process of Guilt: “Liar (Mouvement I)” – Pitchfork premiere

A corrosive snarl and tense mechanical whine open Process of Guilt’s side of their new split with Swiss bruisers Rorcal, and that inhuman noise proves to be a blood-curdling preview of what’s to come. The Portuguese mainstays joined forces with Bleak Recordings and Cal Of Ror Records to release their first new studio recordings since 2012’s FÆMIN, and the three new songs that comprise Process of Guilt’s contribution to the split find the quartet in foul form. Their cruel industrial urges are out in full force here, dragging down the roiling doom-inspired riffs with layers of distortion, reverb, and clanging noise that wouldn’t sound misplaced on a Today Is the Day record. The 12” record is out October 10, 2014; listen to the first track, “Liar (Mouvement I)”, and prepare to bleed.

Antes de subirem ao palco Sabotage do Reverence (amanhã às 2:00), ouçam a nova malha em primeira mão na Pitchfork.