R.I.P. Kris Angylus (The Angelic Process)

“Just got word a few days ago that The Angelic Process mastermind K. Angylus passed away around the end of April (pretty much exactly a year after the creation/release of the monumental “Weighing Souls With Sand” album). Very sad (and shocking) news indeed that took us off guard, especially considering the visionary and amazing musician this man was and how he conjured up one of the greatest triumphs in the Profound Lore catalog; namely “Weighing Souls With Sand”. Cause of death is of course speculative, so we won’t get into any of this, but nonetheless we of course appreciated the man Kris was; as a musical perfectionist, he was also one of the most humble and sincere persons we have had the pleasure to deal with. Condolences to those close to him… Godspeed…”