Roadburn 2008: fotos



David Tibet

Cult of Luna


  1. ::Andre::

    Deve ser mesmo um fest do caraças. Para o ano combina-se uma excurssão…

  2. ::Andre::

    Comentário do Fear Falls Burning sobre o Roadburn:
    On Saturday it was the Roadburn festival. Year of No Light invited me to join them on stage for the last song, a sort of re-interpretation of our collab piece. It surely surpassed my wildest expectation as what we created was overpowering, interesting and dynamic. Really enjoyed it and I firmly believed the audience did too, judging from their enthusiastic response.
    But overall what a festival it was again. Incredible atmosphere, nice audience and a very good organisation (thanks Walter!). Highlights of the day were for me personally Jesu, not that many people will agree (yes a stripped-down version as Justin did it this time alone, I liked it since it accentuated the harmonic and utterly beautiful quality of Jesu’s music) and most of all a very impressive Cult of Luna on the main stage. Incredible performance, stage appearance and dynamic lighting. Epic to say the least.

  3. João

    e de notar que ambos roubaram o look, ao miguel angelo dos delfins. :D