Edição veraneia para eventual consumo numa esplanada. Já sabem como funciona por isso caso estejam interessados encomendem-na o quanto antes. Eis os destaques:

MELVINS: Everyone’s favourite band return with their umpteenth album The Bride Screamed Murder – and, according to Buzz, it’s one of their best to date. Melvins hit the cover for an in-depth discussion of their latest album, double-drum action and lame music critics.

THE HIGH CONFESSIONS: New supergroup alert! Chris Connelly (Ministry/Revolting Cocks), Steve Shelley (Sonic Youth), Sanford Parker (Minsk/Twilight) and Jeremy Lemos (White/Light) go head to head with a brand new band.

NEUROSIS: Steve Von Till discusses the making of Neurosis’ seminal album, Enemy Of The Sun, in our Classic Albums series.

YAKUZA: Chicago avant-metal crew talk latest album, Of Seismic Consequence.

HORSEBACK: Jenks Miller fills us in on his psych/post/kraut/black metal project.

TEMPORARY RESIDENCE LTD: In-depth look at the label that Explosions In The Sky, Mono, Fridge, Envy and Eluvium, amongst many others, call home.

PLUS: MONARCH, EDIBLE WOMAN, OMEGA MASSIF, STIAN WESTERHUS.. AARON TURNER talks life after Isis; Atsuo spills the beans on the Boris/Ian Astbury collab, BXI; Black Sun meet Eugene Robinson.

AO VIVO: SLAYER, GRAILS, NURSE WITH WOUND, RANGDA, CONVERGE; PLUS over 100 album reviews, and much more!

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