Rock-A-Rolla 34: restam 4 cópias

A Rock-a-Rolla tem distribuição exclusiva em Portugal via Amplificasom e o número 34 tem os seguintes destaques:
Wolves In The Throne Room: Seminal avant-black metal outfit release their final album and look to the future beyond WITTR.
The Atlas Moth: Chicago post-metallers talk sophomore album, An Ache For The Distance.
Cathedral: Lee Dorrian looks back on Forest Of Equilibrium as the doom metal legends prepare for their final show ever.
AUN: Montreal doomgaze duo return with their most surprising, melodic effort yet, Phantom Ghost.
Russian Circles: Instrumental rock heroes discuss their latest album Empros, post-metal, and the Greek crisis.
Black Tusk: Savannah trio talk sludge.
PLUS tons of goodies, including in-depth interviews with Rwake, Anla Courtis, FareWell Poetry, Rising, KILLL, Aagoo Records, MoRkObOt, Remember Remember, The Drift, Unfold. PLUS! Live action: Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School Of Medicine, Amanda Palmer, Fennesz + Emeralds, Esmerine. Plus! Over 100 albums reviews, and much more!

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