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Rock-A-Rolla 23
Pelican – Post-rock heroes return with their brand new album, What We All Come To Need, and – gasp!- vocals!
Krallice – Mick Barr talks black metal
Goatsnake – Greg Anderson resurrects another classic band!
Todd – Everyone’s favourite Anglo-American noiserockmongers unleash Big Ripper
Supersilent – Norwegian avant supergroup talk Hammond organs and supersilence
Top 30 Albums of 2009 – We select our favourite records of the year
Plus: Part Chimp, Subarachnoid Space, Kodiak, Beak>, Junius, Majeure, Conspiracy Records, 2010 preview, over 100 album reviews, live action: Magma, Kayo Dot, Electric Wizard, Mudhoney, Isis and much, much more!