Roster Amplificasom: Névoa

Photo by Ana Fernandes

Photo by Ana Fernandes

Névoa were formed in 2014 by Nuno Craveiro and João Freire in Porto, Portugal. After the well-received debut “The Absence of Void”, Névoa released “Re Un” through Avantgarde Music. This sophomore record pushes their craft to much greater heights, with Névoa expanding their sonic signature to include slower elements, psychedelia and traditional music into their melodic brand of black metal. Névoa presented “Re Un” in full for the first time at Amplifest 2016, and were regarded by many as one of the highlights of the event.

Continuamos a querer trabalhar com as bandas que se desafiam, que quebram barreiras musicais, que aceitam trabalhar arduamente para atingir os seus objectivos sem nunca deixar de lado o prazer que é toda essa viagem. Caríssimos Névoa, bem-vindos à família Amplificasom.
We still seek to work with bands and artists that challenge themselves, that break musical boundaries, and that accept to work hard to achieve their goals without leaving aside the joy in those endeavours. Dear Névoa, welcome to the Amplificasom family.

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It’s hard to find massive albums that really engulf you from the start and grab you until the very last note. But Névoa’s Re Un is one of those albums.” (staff pick)

If you appreciate creativity and a willingness to push our understanding as an audience, you’ll probably be as entranced by this thing as I was.
Nine Circles

Névoa have delivered a work with a very strong individual style, one that ranges from hard-hitting, supremely heavy and epic to the most delicate sounds and the most contemplative moods. “Re Un” would have to be a strong contender for album of the year for its driving, grinding sound and variety in style for many listeners.

5.0 out of 5 stars.
A new and a fresh interpretation of one of the best atmospheric black metal music arriving from Southern Europe. This promising band can carry the listener to new worlds of dream and timeless absence relying upon astonishing vocals, instrumentation and composition.“