Aaron Turner tem uma nova editora, desta vez partilhada com a Faith Coloccia (Mammifer).

Sige was formed as an outlet for projects that Faith and I are directly involved in. The idea was to create a situation whereby we could maintain control over our own music and art to the greatest extent possible, from the process of inception all the way through manufacturing and distribution. By approaching things this way we can have a greater level of certainty that the releases will meet our expectations and stay true to our original intent. It also allows us a channel through which to work more closely with those we collaborate with and thus further strengthen those ties.

Para o site da editora cliquem aqui.
É também neste site que poderão fazer encomendar já o novo disco de Mammifer, entitulado Mare Decendrii, que conta com as participações dos grandes Eyvind Kang, Joe Preston, Brian Cook e Don McGreavy, entre outros.