Sir Richard Bishop talks the toil of making music and giving it away

You or anyone I know can go on the Internet and get that stuff for free. I have no problem with that. But then I realize that people want to put it on their iPod, and they can just go download it somewhere. There’s no way for me to police that. I’m indicating, “Hey, it’s OK. I know you are going to get it if you want, so get it legitimately. Take it. Listen to it. Tell your friends.” I want more people to hear what I do.

I am not going to make a fortune with download sales. I am not into it for the money, really. I will make more, though, if I put out records and go on tour. If you’re going to pay for my music, come to a gig. It’s going to be more in your face. That’s where the energy is. That’s where the massive failure is, too, and that’s what makes it exciting. Who knows what’s going to happen?

Pequeno-almoço com esta entrevista na mão. Muitos músicos evitam-na, mas gostei da resposta realista à última pergunta.