Suma: o que se diz sobre o “Let the Churches Burn”

“…it´s like Sunn0))) inviting High On Fire instead of Boris for a collaboration album.”

in Terrorizer

“I’ve seen Suma 3 times, and at the moment, they’re one of my favourite live bands. The test, then, is whether they can condense the energy of their live show and put it on record, and “Let the Churches Burn” – easily the best album title of the year – passes the exam.”
in Lowcut

“Behold! For it is the end of mankind. The blood red horizon darkens as a behemoth as large as a continent covers the skies. It is a spaceship shaped like a manta ray, and its pressure wave devastates everything. It is the end. The behemoth has a name: It is SUMA.”
in Earshot

“This is an incredibly heavy and dark album.”
in Ninehertz

“Suma is dark, heavy, slow and violent throughout the record until the las cut, a 17+ min doom/drone affair which will get you KO with its hypnotic guitars and drums buried in the mix.”
in CoreandCo Webzine

“Suma make Isis sound like Klause Wunderlich.”
in Zero Tolerance