"Swedish metal masters extraordinaire, MESHUGGAH, will be taking their sonic arsenal and production that has already bulldozed UK and USA to mainland Europe on The Ophidian Trek tour"

After two amazing tours in the UK and North America, we are now warmed-up and ready to give Europe their share of the MESHUGGAH “Ophidian Trek” tour. For this stretch we’re proud to announce two magnificent bands to accompany us – Poland’s pride Decapitated and Sweden’s C.B Murdoc: two bands that push the boundaries of extreme metal!! To any and all of you European fans of MESHUGGAH – We hope to see you out there!!
And you will want to come early, cuz you don’t wanna miss out on the sheer skill and complete awesomeness of our support bands!!!

Tomas Haake dos MESHUGGAH.

Relembramos que a banda passa em Portugal nos dias 27 e 28 deste mês, Porto e Lisboa respectivamente, e os bilhetes podem ser adquiridos no Hard Club, Jojo’s, Louie Louie, Fnac, Tickeline.sapo.pt, Worten, El Corte Inglés, C.C. Dolce Vita, Casino Lisboa, Galerias Campo Pequeno, Agências Abreu, C.C. MMM, C.C. Mundicenter, Carbono (Lisboa), Carbono (Amadora) e Break Point (Vigo).