Tenho saudades desse dia…E parece que eles também!

“Hey Pedro!It is good to hear from you. The rest of the tour was great! Bilbao had the lowest turnout but there were still some people who had traveled several hours and were very excited about the show. We really appreciate how great the show was in Lisbon. It was one of the best of the whole tour and we are very excited to play there again soon! It was great to get to play with Process Of Guilt. We were all very impressed with Lisbon. Tell everyone hello there and we will see you in the fall! Take care.Chris and Minsk”


  1. Zatoichi

    Outra oportunidade para ver Minsk. Ainda por cima com o fabuloso With Echoes In The Movement of Stone. BRING IT

  2. r

    Para a próxima era convencer eles a trazerem os RWAKE (acho que nunca vieram ao velho continente)…grande festa que era.
    O Transmission ia implodir.