1) Amplificasom doesn’t send tickets to your home. After the purchase, you’ll receive an Amplivoucher on your mailbox. Print it or bring it on your smartphone and, as soon as the ticket box opens, you can exchange it for the real one Easy, right? Please don’t forget your ID Card – the same you’ve mentioned on the details.
2) Once purchased, the ticket can not be exchanged or returned.
3) If the event date is postponed for any reason, the ticket will be valid for a definitive date. In case of cancellation of the event, tickets will be returned within up to 30 days. Distribution costs or taxes applied by sales points will not be returned by the organization, as is understood this is a service performed at the time of ticket purchase.
4) The cancellation of any supporters is not grounds for the return of any importance.
5) The ticket holder can not be accompanied by bottles, cans or other objects that may be considered dangerous, and will be asked to leave these at the entrance.
6) The use of this ticket for promotional or institutional purposes, or as part of a package offering other products or services, is prohibited without the express consent of the event Promoter.
7) Audio or video recordings of all or part of the event are totally prohibited; use of cameras will also be forbidden.
8) The organization is not responsible for the validity of tickets not acquired in official sales points.
9) The ticket holder must comply with the rules of event security; non-compliance will result in their exclusion from the premises.
10) In everything else not covered in the above statements, current legislation will apply.

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