The band name came from a book you read about Catherine Breillat, right? What exactly was the phrase “body/head” referring to?

Annabel Mehran

GORDON: It was just talking about all her films in terms of sexuality and female vs. male power tripping, the battle for control. I really don’t recall the exact movie, but it’s about this girl who gets involved with an older man. She’s a virgin and wants to lose her virginity, but then she doesn’t really want to lose control—she doesn’t want to be possessed by him. It’s a theme that’s in all her movies: control and sex. The body wants one thing and the head wants another, sometimes. It’s not like some riddle thing—it’s not like Bill’s the head and I’m the body, or vice verse. Or it could be the audience is the body and the music is the head. It’s open. It means everything and nothing.

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