The Tattoo Parlor

Norman Collins, a.k.a Sailor Jerry changed it all. When the tattoos were for prisoners, sailors, and they were made with old pens and bizarre instruments, he came along. He introduced hospital-quality sterilization into tattoos, a new shaped needles (and single-use) and made his own ink, with safe pigments. The lines: defined and net, the colours: brilliant, intense and forever-lasting.

But everything evolves! And nowadays we can find incredible artists whom have drunk from Jerry’s art.

El Monga (Aloha Tattoos, Spain)

El Carlo (Aloha Tattoos, Spain)

Bart Bingham (New York)

Jonas Pedersen (Sweden)

And me… I’m a tiny little fish compared to all this tattoo sharks, but why don’t show off a little!

(La Familia Inksta, Spain)