“The throat-shredding noise artist talks about how a medical emergency inspired her new album Bestial Burden, which grapples with concepts about the separation between mind and body as well as the paralyzing inevitability of death.”

Jane Chardiet

Perhaps it’s due to the dark times we live in, or people’s ears getting accustomed to harsher sounds—think about Yeezus, for instance, but also Container, the Haxan Cloak, and a reinvigorated Godflesh—but Margaret Chardiet’s bold brand of industrial noise/power electronics has struck a surprisingly strong chord with listeners as of late. The 23-year-old New Yorker began bubbling up from the underground with the release of Abandon last year and has been converting (and confounding) an increasing amount of innocent bystanders ever since with her intense live show. Her style of performance, which will be on display as she opens for Swans in Europe this fall, offers a focused example of one person putting all they have into something—even if it seems like they may pass out as a result.

Read the full interview here at Pitchfork. Pharmakon will play Amplifest on October 4th!