“This is probably the slowest, heaviest and intrinsic album to date. During about 40 minutes, our emotions are swept and swallowed in this maelstrom of feelings that is “Mass V”. With this fabulous album the Belgian band puts another glorious milestone in their career. A brilliant album that leaves us completely hooked and begging for more. If you are still blind, hear Mass V and witness with your own eyes one of the most magnificent albums of the year.”

Jorge Silva @ Amplifest 2012

Making their live shows an unforgettable experience, both sonic and visual, to those to witness such performance. Everything this band makes, they put in their blood, sweat and tears into. Everything is thought to the smallest detail: every word, every image, every sound. Everyone i know that has seen AMENRA live, always tell me about how it was the best live experience of their lives coming out from a band. It goes beyond the skin, beyond the flesh, deep into the soul. No wonder their live performances are known as “rituals”. Their contemporary view offered through their music makes the most experienced and faithful listener renounce to their personal definition of music. Our body and soul are stunned by the crushing, repetitive chords layered with the sweet distressing sermons preached by the charismatic lead singer, and his unique vocal tone.

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