Ulver na Decibel

“Black metal is part of our origin and it’s something we can’t seem to get away from. It’s all very alien and strange,” he sighs. “We’re very thankful for the success and exposure we received during the early years, though, and the fact the people still feel strongly about the ‘Black Metal Trilogie’ is humbling. A lot of people who like Ulver’s music listen to metal, and we’ve been fortunate that some fans have been willing to follow along with our experiments.”

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  1. Crestfall

    “The beat comes first, and then we improvise around it,” he deadpans. “We don’t write songs—the songs just happen.”

  2. ::Andre::

    a música é das coisas mais fascinantes que existem. num momento não tens nada e noutro tens tudo…

  3. João

    ó andre ja agora ve o resto dos links do myspace deles… foi de la k te passei esse tem la mais interviws boas :D