Why Do Women Wear Wigs

Why Do Women Wear Wigs

Wigs are a fanciful fashion statement for some, and an important psychological support for others. It suggests that men can be as loving a parent as society makes women out to be. Again, Cheap Bob Wigs Online Shop 2015 while many men may not want to go see a movie about a mother fighting for her kids, they may want to see a determined man succeeding at more than just business.

Some of the most remarkable hairstyles were those found in the 18th Century royal courts, particularly that of Marie Antoinette Nobles and royals wore elaborate wigs of highly decorative curls which were piled sky high.

Due to the immensely time consuming process http://www.alicewigs.com/extensions/feather-extensions/synthetic-feather-hair.html of creating an elaborate Court hairdo, the women went weeks between washing and styling their locks…which became the perfect place for a family of lice to take up residence.

In 1963, Vidal Sassoon’s 5 point bob became a huge hit, as it was one of the first popular hairstyles in decades that was all about the cut itself, saving women countless hours of arranging and taming their locks.

It’s virtually impossible not to find a preferred style, and because they come in varying lengths, textures and colours, full lace front wigs will give you the perfect look, just as if you just walked out from a hair salon.

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