YOB share 15-minute “Unmask the Spectre” from new LP

James Rexroad

Oregeon crushers YOB have unveiled a new track from the forthcoming Clearing the Path to Ascend. This one is called “Unmask the Spectre” and it clocks in at a massive 15-plus minutes of outstanding YOB-ness. It opens with reverbed, ringing guitars before blowing up your subwoofer with Mike Scheidt’s growl and patented pendulum groove. From there, it explores the two sections by way of a multitude of variations, including soaring solos and Scheidt’s eagle-screech and full-lung belting. YOB’s seventh full-length will be out via Neurot Recordings on September 2.

Stream it here and remember: YOB will blow our minds next October 4th!