Artwork by Micaela Amaral

Artwork by Micaela Amaral

Este ano seremos uma família de mais de 24 países! Para facilitar, a info segue em inglês. Obrigado por compreenderem.

Concerts, films, Amplitalks, listening sessions, exhibitions and moments of sharing between artists and audience. We’ll do in a sole weekend what we’ve been doing all our lives: work for the sake of art with ambitious proposals.

We think that our Amplifest page has everything you need to know: line-up, performance times, accommodation deals, directions, tickets, suggestions to visit in Porto, press contact, etc… Take a look (portuguese and english): AMPLIFEST 2016

We decided to help you to get ready anyway:


Artwork by Micaela Amaral

Artwork by Micaela Amaral

Our city is beautiful, isn’t it? Thank you for the picture, Jorge.

View from the Infante D. Henrique Square in the historical centre of Porto, designated World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Thank you, Jorge!

Hard Club, with its blood-red painted iron structure, is the very heart of Amplifest. An historic building that dates back to the 18th century, it stands in one of the most beautiful parts of Porto, with a view to the Douro river and only minutes away from the city center. Originally intended to function as a market, it has been renovated as a music venue. Hard Club holds two rooms, Sala 1 and Sala 2, with a capacity for 1000 and 400 people respectively. Between these two rooms, a large corridor – the mainfloor (600 people) – will welcome the Error! Design exhibition, merchandise stands, record stalls and also serve as a communal area to hang out between shows.

– We’ve been doing some miracles since 2006, but here’s something we can’t do anything about: if you really want to see something at Sala 2, make sure you’ll be there a little bit early;
– If you’re not interested in the show, PLEASE don’t ruin it by talking to your friends inside the room. Use the Mainfloor to hang out;

NOSMOKING copy2- PLEASE avoid smoking inside the rooms respecting those who don’t smoke by doing it in the mainfloor or outside the venue (enjoying the Douro river sights). It means a lot to all the non-smokers and the vocalists keeps telling us how much they appreciate to play at non-smoking venues. We really appreciate your respect on this;

Food/ Drinks
At the upper floor you’ll find a restaurant that will serve you some sandwiches if you don’t want to miss a riff or a warm meal if you want a more relaxed dinner. There are some bars (see map above) where you can get your drink. Please note that neither the restaurant or bars are our responsibility.
There’s two cash machines nearby Hard Club (2 minutes walking): Rua Mouzinho da Silveira and Praça do Infante.
Lost & Found
If you lose something during Amplifest, please warn the staff at the box office of Sala 1. If you find something please deliver it at the box office as well.
There’s wi-fi at Hard Club so please share your Instagram pictures, Facebook and Twitter comments with us. Use the #amplifest hashtag.

On friday 19th, from 21:00 onwards, you can collect your 4 days ticket + wristband at CAVE 45. We’ll be there at the entrance waiting for you.
On monday 22nd, doors at Passos Manuel will open at 20:30.

Where do I exchange my ticket/ amplivoucher for the wristband?
If you bought your ticket online at Amplistore/ Ticketea/ Place & Tickets: Sala 1 box office.
If you bought your ticket via bank transfer: Sala 1 box office.
If you bought your ticket at any record store or Hard Club: Sala 2 box office.
Press should pick-up their accreditations at Sala 2 box office.
Guests should pick-up their wristbands at Sala 1 box office.

I only bought a day ticket, do I have to change it for the wristband? Where?
Yes. Sala 1 box office if you bought it at Amplistore or any box office if you bought on the record stores.

I still didn’t buy my ticket, where should I buy it?
At this moment, you can still buy your weekend/ day ticket online at AMPLISTORE. They’re also available at the following stores:
Porto – Hard Club, Louie Louie, Piranha, Bunker Store and Black Mamba (until 19/08).
Lisboa – Flur (only until 13/08).

I really can’t buy it online or at the selected stores. Can I buy at the box office?
If it’s not sold out, we’ll have a few for sure.

I don’t have a Paypal account, what should I do?
To buy your ticket at Amplistore you don’t need a Paypal account.

Will I receive my ticket at home?
No. Once the payment is confirmed, you’ll receive an amplivoucher in your e-mail address. Print it or bring it in your smartphone and, once at the Sala 1 Box Office, we will give you the wristband and the beautiful ticket. Bring your ID, it’s mandatory!

Blog Timetable_19Blog Timetable_20Blog Timetable_21Blog Timetable_22
We will give you the timetable at the box office, but you can check it or download it here. Please have in mind that the running order was chosen with the utmost attention and production logistics also play a major role.

Professional cameras are not allowed unless you have the Amplifest photo pass.
Video and Sound recordings are not permitted.

We have some suggestions of places you should visit, check Amplifest 2016 website.

Place & Tickets selected a few awarded hostels and hotels that we really like and trust. You can check the accommodation packs at the website.


Do you still have any questions? Write us. Even if you don’t, write us after Amplifest with suggestions, ideas, criticisms, love/ hate letters. This is the 6th edition, we want to get better and better and Amplifest exists because of you. Our e-mail address:

Thank you for joining us*

AMPLIFEST 2016: “Nós Somos a Tempestade 2″ by Luiz Mazetto

Along 32 interviews with bands and artists such as Amenra, Mono, Aaron Turner (ISIS / SUMAC), Cult of Luna and Boris and even our own André (promoter of Amplificasom / Amplifest), Luiz Mazetto continues to expand its research on the phenomenon of heavy alternative music, and is preparing to release the second volume of “Nós Somos a Tempestade” ["We Are the Storm”]. The author returns to Amplifest, this time in the laid back environment of Hard Club Summer Lounge, to do two presentations of this new work of his, both with the participation of some very special guests.

Facebook · Site

Ao longo de 32 entrevistas com bandas e artistas como Amenra, Mono, Aaron Turner (ISIS/SUMAC), Cult of Luna e Boris e até o nosso André (promotor da Amplificasom/ Amplifest), Luiz Mazetto continua a expandir a sua investigação sobre o fenómeno da música pesada alternativa, com o lançamento do segundo tomo de “Nós Somos a Tempestade”. O autor volta ao Amplifest, desta vez no ambiente descomprometido do Hard Club Summer Lounge, para realizar duas apresentações desta nova obra, contando em ambas com a presença de convidados especiais.


Blog Timetable_19Blog Timetable_20Blog Timetable_21Blog Timetable_22Please have in mind that the running order was chosen with the utmost attention. As you know, every band and every slot at Amplifest is important. Also, every band is playing the time they requested, we simply adapt ourselves to their requests while proposing at the same time a no overlapping shows event. Last but not least, production logistics also play a major role.
We hope you are excited as we are, it’s going to be an unique and unrepeatable weekend. The best one of the year. Bring the best of you cause we’re giving the very best of us.
See you soon, amplifesters*

Artwork by Micaela Amaral

Artwork by Micaela Amaral

Por favor tenham em mente que a ordem e os horários foram escolhidos com a máxima atenção. Como sabem, no Amplifest cada banda/ slot são importantes. Mais, cada banda toca o tempo que requisitou, nós simplesmente nos adaptamos ao que pretendem propondo ao mesmo tempo um evento sem sobreposições de concertos. Qualidade acima de quantidade, sempre. Por último e não menos importante, a logística também desempenha um papel fundamental na hora das decisões.
Esperemos que estejam tão entusiasmados quanto nós, vai ser um fim-de-semana único e irrepetível. Tragam o melhor de vocês que nós prometemos que estamos a dar o melhor de nós.
Até breve*

AMPLIFEST 2016: Error! Design exhibition

ERROR copyError! Design is brought into the world by Xavi Forné (Barcelona, Spain), due to his passion for music artwork. He is mainly dedicated to the design of posters for gigs around the world and has worked for bands as diverse as Neurosis, Swans, Russian Circles, Mono, Sunno))), Soundgarden and many, many more. Error! Design’s works are limited edition screen printed posters which have been shown in several exhibitions across Europe. During the Amplifest weekend, we’ll have the pleasure of having some of these outstanding works of art decorating the walls of Hard Club’s mainfloor.

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errorO estúdio Error! Design, fundado pelo artista barcelonense Xavi Forné, dedica-se principalmente ao design de posters, tendo já idealizado o grafismo para concertos um pouco por todo o mundo e para bandas como Neurosis, Swans, Russian Circles, MONO, Sunn O))), Soundgarden e muitas outras. Os cartazes são impressos em edições limitadas de serigrafia, tendo já sido alvo de várias exposições por toda a Europa. Durante o fim-de-semana do Amplifest, teremos o prazer de ter as paredes do corredor do Hard Club decoradas por algumas das suas obras.

AMPLIFEST 2016: João Filipe – Gongs, Bells & Cymbals

Photo by Maria Louceiro

Photo by Maria Louceiro

One of the most renowned representatives of a new generation of artisans dedicated to the construction of metal percussion instruments, Portugal’s own João Pais Filipe sees his works being more and more in demand by percussionists from all parts of the globe. A selection of his pieces, including gongs, cymbals and other instruments, will be on display at Hard Club’s mainfloor during Amplifest.

Photo by Maria Louceiro

Photo by Maria Louceiro

Um dos expoentes de uma nova geração de artesãos que se dedica à construção de instrumentos metálicos de percussão, o português João Pais Filipe vê as suas criações serem cada vez mais requisitadas por percussionistas de todas as partes do globo. Uma selecção das suas peças, entre gongos, pratos e outros instrumentos, estará em exposição no mainfloor do Hard Club durante o Amplifest.

AMPLIFEST 2016: Listening Sessions

Artwork by Micaela Amaral

Artwork by Micaela Amaral

This year, Hard Club’s Summer Lounge – a terrace with the most amazing view to the Douro river – will hold a series of Listening Sessions throughout the whole weekend. What a privilege! Preferably with a refreshing drink in your hands, you will be able to listen to these records firsthand:
– 40 WATT SUN – Wider Than The Sky (preview)
– ATILA – Body
– MORKOBOT – Gorgo
– OKKULTOKRATI – Raspberry Dawn
– RICARDO REMÉDIO – Natureza Morta
– TRUE WIDOW – Avvolgere
– WOVENHAND – Star Treatment

hcslEste ano, no Hard Club Summer Lounge (terraço com vistas maravilhosas para o Douro), vamos poder ouvir discos exclusivos que só serão editados nos próximos meses. Consideremo-nos todos uns privilegiados, são estes:
– 40 WATT SUN – Wider Than The Sky (preview)
– ATILA – Body
– MORKOBOT – Gorgo
– OKKULTOKRATI – Raspberry Dawn
– RICARDO REMÉDIO – Natureza Morta
– TRUE WIDOW – Avvolgere
– WOVENHAND – Star Treatment

AMPLIFEST 2016: MONO’s “Requiem for Hell” Listening Session

Artwork by Micaela Amaral

Artwork by Micaela Amaral

We’re thrilled to announce that Requiem for Hell, the anticipated new record from Japanese instrumental heroes MONO, will be publicly played for the first time ever on August 19th at CAVE 45, right after Aluk Todolo’s performance. The record will be released on Pelagic Records on October 14th.

Guitarist Takaakira ‘Taka’ Goto commented on the record:

This album is a series of songs from a flood of inspirations in 2015. After writing song after song and giving them titles, we stumbled upon Dante’s Divine Comedy and the story struck a chord with us. Divine Comedy’s story about travelling down to Hell, through to purgatory, then from Heaven to reality, turned out to be the same theme. This is when we decided to use Gustave Dóre’s illustration from Divine Comedy’s last scene as the main cover.

This initiative is part of the Extended Experience and it will be special (we can’t say more to not ruin the surprise).

See you there!

Facebook · Site · Requiem For Hell Official Trailer · Pelagic Records

É com um grande entusiasmo que partilhamos convosco que, juntos, ouviremos o novíssimo Requiem for Hell dos enormes japoneses MONO. O disco será apenas editado a 14 de Outubro via Pelagic Records e a primeira audição pública terá no lugar no CAVE 45, na sexta-feira 19 de Agosto, logo a seguir ao concerto dos Aluk Todolo.

Esta iniciativa faz parte da Extended Experience e será especial (não podemos dizer mais para não estragar a surpresa).

Vemo-nos lá!

AMPLIFEST 2016: Amplitalks

Blog Poster AMPLITALK20
SATURDAY, AUGUST 20th | SALA 2 | 17:35 – 18:05

The 21st century has seen an exponential growth in the quantity of music available, and also in wild experimentation and intermingling of genres. We have, however, lacked the proper words to describe all this music and many times just started calling it post-something for want of a proper description – what is, in fact, post-metal? And post-rock? And all the other “posts”? And once we have that established, what have been the best examples of these new genres, what have they done, and where are they taking us? Will we have post-post-rock bands soon? To help us discuss all these questions, we will have a luxurious panel of the most qualified musicians you could dream of: Minsk guitarist/vocalist Chris Bennett, Kowloon Walled City guitarist/vocalist Scott Evans and Mono guitarist Takaakira “Taka” Goto.
O século 21 tem sido marcado por um crescimento exponencial da quantidade de música disponível, bem como da experimentação e da fusão de géneros. Faltam-nos, no entanto, palavras adequadas para descrever toda esta nova música e, muitas vezes, limitamo-nos a baptizá-la de “post”-algo, à falta de uma melhor descrição. O que é, de facto, o post-metal? E o post-rock? E todos os outros “posts”? E, estabelecido isto, quais são os melhores exemplos a reter em cada um destes novos géneros, e para onde nos estão a levar? Estamos a caminho do post-post-rock? Para nos ajudar a discutir estas questões, teremos um painel de luxo: Chris Bennett, o guitarrista e vocalista dos Minsk; Scott Evans, guitarrista e vocalista dos Kowloon Walled City; e Takaakira “Taka” Goto, guitarrista dos Mono.
Blog Poster AMPLITALK21
SUNDAY, AUGUST 21st | SALA 2 | 17:25 – 17:55

Neurosis have been redefining the boundaries of heavy for 30 years. Hitting this landmark has made the band breathe deep, pause and look back for the first time, even putting together a couple of celebratory shows. Therefore, at Amplifest, we will take advantage of this unique and unrepeatable context to sit down with Scott Kelly and Steve Von Till themselves and recall some of the best moments and untold stories from these last three decades.
Os Neurosis têm redefinido as fronteiras da música pesada durante os últimos 30 anos. A conquista deste marco levou a banda a respirar fundo, a fazer uma pausa e, pela primeira vez, a encarar o passado – realizando até alguns concertos de comemoração da efeméride. No Amplifest, aproveitaremos então este contexto único e irrepetível para nos sentarmos com os próprios Scott Kelly e Steve Von Till para relembrarmos alguns dos melhores momentos e ouvirmos histórias inéditas destas últimas três décadas.
Amplitalks moderated by the one and only José Carlos Santos \m/

Amplifest 2016: Hexvessel cancelled

Band Photo - HexvesselIt is with great dismay that we have to inform you that Hexvessel cancelled their performance at Amplifest 2016. We understand their reasons and we hope to have them here as soon as possible.
As you know, we’re two weeks away from Amplifest 2016 so, due to logistical reasons, we won’t be able to find a replacement. We hope you understand it.
Thank you for being there.
Amplificasom/ Amplifest

We deeply apologise for having to cancel these two shows (ArcTanGent and Amplifest). We apologise to our British and Portuguese friends who were looking forward to seeing us play. Unfortunately the costs involved were far greater than our fees for the events, and the shows we had planned to set up around these festivals, to cover our travel expenses, fell through. We are not a band that takes cancelling shows lightly, and have never done so before. We always try to work things out, even if it means a financial loss for the band. In this case we simply couldn’t find any way to make these trips happen, no matter how hard we tried. We hope to be able to arrange new dates in both the UK and Portugal as soon as possible and make it up to you. Much love and thanks to the festival organisers and those attending for their understanding. Shine on.

É com um grande desânimo que vos informarmos que os Hexvessel cancelaram o seu concerto no Amplifest 2016. Compreendemos as suas razões e esperamos tê-los por cá o mais breve possível.
Como sabem, estamos a duas semanas do Amplifest 2016 e neste momento, por razões logísticas, é impossível encontrar uma substituição. Esperamos que compreendam.
Obrigado por estarem aí.
Amplificasom/ Amplifest