amplificasom_15anosAmplificasom is a musical adventure for adventurous minds started in 2006 in Porto, Portugal.

Our events are our passion: eclectic and hard to label, we treat them as Art and not products.

We only collaborate with the bands and artists we love and believe. Being music lovers first of all, we take pride in treating the artists with the utmost respect for their work, while providing them and the audience with everything in our reach to turn every single show into a memorable experience for everyone involved.

We’re also the team behind the experience called Amplifest, we book all over the world, produce, curate, advise, manage, release and dream up ways of making shows as alive and fascinating as possible.

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I can honestly say that I have never worked with a more attentive and caring promotion then Amplificasom. The shows have been amongst the very best I have ever experienced and the effort put in by Andre and his crew is boundless. I can not wait to return to Portugal and work with Amplificasom again.
Scott Kelly (Neurosis)

Amplificasom is a beautiful promoter in a beautiful country, ran by heart felt and sincere people, I wish it were possible to play there on a yearly basis, long may Amplificasom exist”
Justin Broadrick (Godflesh/ Jesu)

I entered the world of bands and touring in 1988. After all these years I started realizing that the most important places and the most import memories are always connected to the people behind it. Meeting people who make a difference. That is all that counts. Meeting André and his crew made Portugal to one of my favorite places to go. Thank you André, thank you Amplificasom.
Ansgar Glade (booking agent/ tour manager)

Playing Amplificasom marks both, our first time ever playing a show in Portugal and one of the most beautiful days of our Lives.
The Picturebooks

Always a pleasure to have something to do with André & Amplificasom. Hard and honest work with pure heart and focused brain… Big help for Orthodox since the very first moment. Andre, just call and we´ll be there!!
Marco Serrato (Orthodox)

Truly Magickal!
Jim (Urfaust)

Amplifest is one of the greatest festivals we ever played, if not the greatest.
Frederyk Rotter (Zatokrev)

It was Conan’s first visit to Amplifest and our first visit to play a show in Portugal. There was something unique about this festival and we feel that we took a little bit of the the special atmosphere with us. For the remainder of our European tour we compared every show to Amplifest. It left a big impression on us.
Jon Davis (Conan)

I have been impressed by the achievements of Amplificasom in the time since I met them a few years ago. They are professional, honest and reliable but, most of all, they have really good taste in music. Here’s to many more years to celebrate. Congratulations.
Joan Montaner (booking agent)

We book and promote artists in Spain since 2003 and sometimes we have the chance to add some extra shows in Portugal, well, the choice is done…Amplificasom is our family there. They feel and threat each artist as special and unique and they work hardly over there as nobody do. In this crazy live-shows business I recognize Amplificasom´s philosophy and way of work as an example for booking agencies and promoters worldwide.
Gorka (Booking agent)

Amplificasom é amor genuíno por música genuína. É um orgulho fazer parte desta família desde os primeiros anos e esperamos que assim se mantenha durante muitos mais.

Musicalmente (tanto como pessoalmente) estes últimos oito anos não teriam sido os mesmos sem a existência da Amplificasom. Venham outros oito (no mínimo).

Tem sido uma honra receber no meu espaço algumas das vossas iniciativas. Parabéns e um forte abraço.
Becas (Passos Manuel)

A Amplificasom, ao longo de oito anos, na cidade do Porto, tem contribuído fortemente para o crescimento da oferta cultural na Invicta, ao colocar a cidade na rota de concertos da música mais relevante que se vai fazendo na actualidade.
in Arte-Factos

Promotora que assume há largos anos um lugar incontornável no que à arte e cultura diz respeito em Portugal.
in Ruído Sonoro

Do metal à electrónica ruidosa, do free jazz aos blues do deserto, a promotora portuense Amplificasom mostra mais uma vez como se faz um festival.
in Time Out Porto

Se os Swans elevaram no sábado a fasquia de concertos no Amplifest, também este elevou a de festivais em Portugal.
in Ponto Alternativo