Aqui fica uma dissertação acerca das Fanzines. Os conteúdos são os seguintes:

” My dissertation will be structured as follows; in the next chapter I will review the existing literature available on the subject of fanzine production and culture. This will also enable me to engage with the issues and arguments related to fanzines that that are covered in these pieces of writing. The third chapter will deal with the way in which I conduct my research and how I intend to analyse fanzines as both publications and cultural products. The chapter following that will look at the history of fanzines and the ‘fanzine culture’ that they have created. Chapter five will look at the more technical aspects of the production, distribution and promotion of fanzines; how they are producedand how they reach their audience. Following that, I will look at the development of fanzines on the Internet and the changes that the electronic media might bring. Finally, I will state my conclusions.”