We’ve dreamt it, you’ve asked for it, and now we dream again.

Amplifesters, our passion and constant search for novelty continues, always in search of what’s musically great and emotionally powerful. We seek the transcendent, paying no heed to labels or genres. We commit ourselves, as always, to art and cultural enrichment – exalting eclecticism, talent, and the avant-garde. Amplifest is, since 2011, thought out and carefully designed as an experience to be lived from the first to the last second. An intense experience that creates deeply-rooted memories that last a lifetime.

An event like Amplifest is today, and more than ever, an act of resistance and resilience: all the global instability that is being experienced has a gigantic impact on what we do and, from the bottom of our hearts, we don’t know what the future will be after this edition. However, life happens in the now: thus we channel all our energies into another declaration of love for the music that invigorates us and makes us passionate.

Welcome to Amplifest 2023. For the ninth edition of the festival, you can count on another bold and crucial line-up, once again with no overlapping shows, on the only weekend where everyone is headlining. Yes, you too.

Amplifest is yours.
See you in September!

Made with music lovers in mind, it is an experience to be lived from the first to the last second.

New Noise Magazine

One of Europe’s finest underground music, art and culture festivals.

Cvlt Nation

The perfect meeting point for music lovers from all over the world.

LOUD! Magazine

Hard Club, with its blood-red painted iron structure, is the very heart of Amplifest.

Amplifest 2023 Weekend Ticket

  • SEPTEMBER 23 + 24





Close to the Hard Club (formerly known as the Ferreira Borges Market), a fine example of 19th century iron architecture, it is possible to visit the gothic Church of São Francisco, the Palácio da Bolsa (“Stock Exchange Palace”) and get lost in the narrow alleys… or head the Clérigos Tower (if you have time, go up the 240 steps!), but not without visiting the São Bento Train Station and its 20,000 hand-painted tiles; exploring the Portuguese Photography Center (in the neoclassical Cadeia da Relação do Porto, which served as a prison in the 18th century); admiring the breathtaking Avenida dos Aliados; going up to the Cathedral; seeing the São João National Theater; enjoying the busy pedestrian street of Santa Catarina; or simply playing a game of cards with the old men in the Batalha Square. If you feel like exploring other areas, you can take the metro and see the Rem Koolhaas’ Casa da Música venue, walk to Siza Viera’s Serralves Museum and gardens, visit the Soares dos Reis Museum or the idyllic, romantic garden of Palácio de Cristal, or the art galleries in Miguel Bombarda Street, or enjoy the snacks, the drinks, the record stores… so much to explore, so much to live.

And, tours aside, you can enjoy the certainty that those who visit Invicta (“Undefeated”), as we call Porto, are always welcomed with open arms and a smile. Yes, Porto is a unique city and only here does AMPLIFEST make sense.

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Amplifest is more than just a festival, more than a “heavy music” festival, and it’s definitely bigger than just an array of artists that we could have seen anywhere else. It’s something else, something transcendent.


This is not just a music festival, and surely it isn’t a hipster festival for whiskered guys – it’s a real, deep, and cultural experience. Unfortunately, there are not many left.

Drome Magazine

Amplifest is one of the best festivals in Europe right now.

Slam Magazine

Amplifest is, without a doubt, much more than just a regular music festival. It is an extraordinary ceremony that seems unreal at times. It may sound hard to believe, but that makes it even harder having to wait for the next edition.


At the end of Amplifest, we were deeply impressed; it keeps surpassing our expectations, year after year. The organizers do a flawless job, their dedication to music and culture is greatly laudable, and the fact that they’re able to set up such an impactful event is extraordinary.

Festivais de Verão

Amplifest has matured and developed a personality all of its own. One of the best musical weekends of the year.


With Amplifest coming to an end, there is something we can state without hesitations: it should serve as an example at a nationwide level, to every single promoter, when it comes to organizing a festival.

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